Preferable Detailing Solutions

We help fabricators and general contractors to create impact with superior detailing solutions


Concrete & Rebar



Our work is amazing. Some of it is extraordinary.

Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Steel Detailing

Quality Deliverables: Shop drawing, Erection Drawing, 3D Model, Material reports and Numeric control files for smooth fabrication.


Model framing for accurate estimation, material take-off’s for material ordering and management.

Connection Design & Engineering

Integrate connection design ability with highly efficient resources.

Concrete and Rebar Detailing

Specialized concrete and rebar detailing, drawing, 3D modeling and estimation

Our partners are in a committed relationship with us

"Fabtech Consultant is a deadline-oriented team that excels at structuring project timelines. Their transparent method of communicating has aided a positive partnership."

K. Rangarajan I HOD, Civil and Structural

"Fabtech Consultant excels at supporting stakeholders’ understanding of the process throughout the project. Beyond construction supporting services, they also offer business advice."

Ken Black I Fabrication Manager

Our Projects

BAPS Cultural Center,Tx had comprehensive requirements such as structural steel and joists & Decking.

Fabtech Consultant's in-house capabilities of structural steel detailing and joists & decking detailing on this project gave an edge for deliverables on time and brings overall success by saving time on schedule.


BAPS Cultural Center, Tx

Blue Springs South High School Addition, Ks helped us to build our reputation with the client by delivering superior quality deliverables. Zero shop call is the evidence of seamless fabrication and smooth erection of this project.

Fabtech Consultant's in-house connection design capability saved project time and progress schedule is an extra-ordinary advantage to the client. 


Blue Springs South High School Addition, Ks

Architectural Complex Structure

TSS Flamingo Crossing - Fabric Structure

This unique architectural work display our capabilities of understanding complex geometry. We are always up for challenging projects.


Automation at its best 

Our practice aligned with best of automation capabilities. Our people are focused to implement best possible automation techniques to attain competitive advantage over traditional and conventional practices. Measurable efficiencies and quality have been enhanced exceptionally well so far.

Goal oriented trainings and workshops.

To innovate and excel we have a tradition to explore more to our present capabilities to leverage our and partners future by new learnings and skills.